Hope we are all having an awesome start to an amazing week… Monday blues? I love the colour so my day is just great… This next poem..(sigh), I don’t know where it came from but somewhere deep within me…Hahaha.. Fantasies. Enjoy!


Once a little girl, 

Taught how to walk, ride a bike,

Many are the times I’d fall and cry,

They’d pick me up and comfort me,

But now, please, let me fall…

In love with him.

Many a time, I make careless steps,

I may slide or stumble,

They say I’m tripping but honestly,

It’s intentional,

So don’t give me a lending hand,

Because I want to fall…

In love with him.

Lemme fall because now,

On this very ground,

I see him much clearer.

No need to be high on any cloud,

Because in all sobriety I still say,

Don’t pick me up, lemme fall…

In love with him.

Gather a crowd, call the masses to come witness,

“You’re embarrassing yourself,” they say,

But truthfully… I don’t mind it one bit,

Allow me to soil myself with his love,

I will fall over and over again if need be,

As it is the cry of my sincere heart.

So lemme be, lemme fall…

In love with him.

To him that I love,

Don’t stop me I pray,

For it will be in vain,

They say love complements those who share in it,

Makes them better people.

My love, I have fallen,

If you wish to make me better,

Don’t pick me up, it’s a free fall,

So fall my darling,

Fall not for me…

But in all togetherness, fall…

In love with me.


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