Long time before I wrote anything. Well this week I was feeling inspired to whip up something… Where my inspiration came from? A couple. Marie and Biggie. A different kind of love story.. Well as you would know by now I am a sucker for love stories and this one.. one of a kind. To cut the story short, the two are very talented musicians…in love…and what better foundation to this love than knowing the love of God? Catch them in concert at the The Michael Joseph Centre on the 13th September 7-9pm and 14th September 3-5pm.

Tickets: KES 600 per show.
Limited season tickets available at KES 1000 for both shows.

Still haven’t said what inspired me… Well, really wanted to know how they met..their journey etc so luckily I found a link to Marie’s blog. What I read was very emotional and inspiring. Indeed not your everyday kind of love story, but what really caught my eye is the fact that Marie actually approached Biggie and not the other way around.

Now as a girl who always goes for what she wants, this relationship sector has been different. The African stereotype has it that it is somewhat awkward for the girl to approach the boy but if you ask me, Marie is very brave and did what many of us girls would not dare do. Now she has a soul mate.

I wrote this piece explaining the dilemma of girls like me, who still have this stereotype determining what protocol to observe in terms of relationships. This piece is also for those who are extra cautious because their hearts were broken before. You like someone but you are afraid to share your feelings as you keep holding on to the past. Let go and let God is my advice. Enjoy and share.


Oh I wish I could tell him somehow

Of the confusion I get

When I look into his eyes

Hoping yet not hoping

That mine will betray me

Maybe with a kiss but none like Judas’.

How I wish I could tell him somehow

That even with his slightest touch

My heart stops…

No, it beats fastest yet the slowest

All at the same time.

I wish I could tell him somehow

That I like him…more than normal

I smile alone foolishly thinking of him

Praying that ‘us’ is part of God’s will

But it is a shame that in all my bravery

My lips are still sealed.

Wish I could tell him somehow

That he could be the one

I wanna spend an eternity with

If only I could just speak…

Open up my heart and mouth.

I could tell him somehow

But… stereotypes have it that

It’s somewhat not acceptable 

For me to approach him

So I wait, praying that he feels the same

That one day he will be the one to make the move.

Could tell him somehow…

But my heart was broken before

So I am protective of these fragile pieces

I have to be patient…let time

Prove that he is worthy

To put them back together and

With tender love, care for it,

Just as I would his.

Tell him somehow…?

Just maybe he will find out on his own,

Just maybe he feels the same,

Just maybe he will also tell me somehow

But someday, some way…

I will tell him somehow.


One thought on “TELL HIM SOMEHOW

  1. Mburu shaquille says:

    Just tell him

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